Capital Improvement Program

Each year, the City adopts a new 5-year Capital Improvements Program (CIP) plan to identify major construction projects or improvements needed in Abilene.

You can help the Community by sharing your ideas and suggestions. Do you know of a street that needs repair? Does your park need new equipment or improvements? Is there a piece of equipment that the City needs but it doesn’t have? The City would like your ideas and suggestions for the upcoming 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

*2015-2019 CIP Citizens Survey*



Projects included in the Capital Improvement Program typically include:

  • Construction of buildings, or facilities; including design, engineering, and other preconstruction costs with an estimated total cost in excess of $25,000
  • Purchase of major equipment and vehicles, other than office and data processing equipment, valued in excess of $25,000 with a life expectancy of 15 years or more
  • Major equipment and furnishings for the utilization of new or renovated buildings
  • Major acquisition of land or other property
  • Studies pretaining to capital improvements that require the employment of outside professional consultants at a cost in excess of $25,000



    October 1    To  October 31                          Request to citizens for project suggestions
                                                                                        Deadline for Citizen Survey
    December 1                                                                       Public hearing at the           Planning and Zoning
    Commission to obtain citizen input
    November 3   To  December 19                 City Departments prepare Project Sheets and
                                                                                 Priority Lists
    December 19                                                 Deadline for all completed Projects Sheets and
                                                                              Priority Lists
    December 31   To February 20                  Departments meet to develop consensus on
                                                                                        project priorities
    April 6                                                              Preliminary report to the Planning and Zoning
          April 20                                   Public Hearing at Planning and Zoning              
     (See Note 1)                                Commission.  P&Z makes recommendation
                                                                                        to City Manager         
    April 7 To    May 8                                     City Manager develops final recommendation
    May 14                                                                       Staff Presentation of 5-year CIP to City Council
    May 28                                                                    Public Hearing and final action by City Council
    June – Aug                                                             Certificate of Obligation and Bond Sale
    (as needed)
    Note 1: This second meeting is optional.  If the P&Z is able to make a formal recommendation on 03/02/14 this meeting may be cancelled.
    All proposed meeting dates are subject to change. Please consult the City Web Site and Meeting notice posted at City Hall for the most current meeting dates and times.



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    2014-2018 (Approved)




    2013-2017 (Approved)




    2012-2016 (Approved)








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    fax: (325) 676-6242

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