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CityLink Transit
Bus and Schedule Information

Riding the Bus is as Easy as 1-2-3

The CityLink Transit Guide and System Map provides route and schedule information for the fixed-route bus service and general information about other CityLink services. CityLink Guides are available at the CityLink Station at 1189 S. 2nd Street. Maps are also available at City Hall, 555 Walnut Street, in the Traffic Engineering office and at the Workforce Center of West Central Texas, 400 Oak Street.

CityLink staff is available to help in trip planning. For assistance in identifying the best route and schedule for a trip, stop by the Customer Information Desk in the CityLink passenger waiting area at 1189 S. 2nd Street or call 676-6BUS (676-6287). Hours of operation for the Customer Information Desk are 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Route and schedule information is also available on the CityLink website on the “Routes” link to the left.

Interpreting the Route Maps and Schedules

Maps and timetables showing all of the bus routes are included on the CityLink Transit Guide and System Map and on this website.

The system map show the names of the streets traveled along the route, the direction the bus travels on these streets, and time point locations for the schedule. The system map contain the names and locations of points of interest near each route including shopping centers, parks, recreation centers, schools, universities and hospitals.

The timetables are located on the back of the Transit Guide and System Map, and are color-coded to correspond with the system map. The locations shown on the timetables are listed from the CityLink Station (outbound) and to the CityLink Station (inbound). The simple rule for timetables is to read down for departure times and across for arrival times. For locations between the Time Points, add or subtract a few minutes to the listed time of the closest Time Point.

To learn how to use the CityLink Transit Guide and System Map, please take a moment to review this example. Let's assume that some weekday afternoon you want to leave your place of work in north downtown Abilene and take the bus to your home near S. 7th Street and Leggett. Go to the system map on the “Routes” link and find the route(s) that travel nearest where you work and live. This trip is best served by Route 9 – Westgate.

Find the Route 9 – Westgate timetable. In this example, you would board the bus at the CityLink Station and get off the bus at the corner of S. 7th Street and Leggett. Since you wish to leave the north downtown area in the afternoon, use the section of the timetable with the bold text denoting "PM" departures/arrivals. Reading down the column beneath "CityLink Transit Station", choose the most convenient departure time, perhaps 5:15 p.m. Reading across the 5:15 p.m. row, you find the times when the bus arrives at the various time points along the route. The time listed for your preferred stop, S. 7th Street and Leggett, is 5:59 p.m. This is your time of arrival.

Additional route and schedule information can be obtained by calling our staff at 676-6BUS or 676-6287.

Route Deviations Only one CityLink route allows a deviation from the regular route upon request. Route 8 – S. 14th/S. Clack makes such a deviation. This deviation is illustrated on the map with a broken line.

For service to areas covered by route deviations, call the CityLink office at 676-6BUS at least 10 minutes in advance or ask the bus operator to make the deviation as you board the bus.