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Passenger Rules

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    • When entering the bus, deposit the exact fare directly into the farebox. Operators are not allowed to handle fares and will not make change. Failure to pay correct fare will result in ejection from the bus.
    • Do not talk to or distract operator while the bus is in motion.
    • Profanity, vulgar language, and disorderly conduct are not allowed.
    • Radios, tape decks, and CD players may be used only with earphones.
    • Eating and drinking are not allowed on CityLink buses. Food and beverages may be transported only if in a sealed container. Drinks must have a screw on lid.
    • Drinking of alcoholic beverages on the bus is prohibited.
    • Smoking on CityLink buses is prohibited.
    • Service animals may accompany passengers with disabilities. No other animals can be transported unless confined in a secured pet container.
    • Damaging, defacing, marking, cutting, scratching, or drawing on any fixture on the bus is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted and are subject to fines and/or imprisonment.
    • Passengers may not place advertisements or religious/political material inside or outside the bus, nor can they solicit for money or the sale of goods on the bus.
    • All trash should be discarded in the trash can near the door.
    • Allow others to exit before boarding.
    • For your safety, do not stand in the ramp area or in front of the yellow line by the farebox.
    • All passengers must be seated when the bus is in motion.
    • If you have to stand, please hold on to the hand rails and seat backs.
    • Courtesy seats are reserved for elderly and disabled passengers.
    • All persons with disabilities who board the bus in wheelchairs, three-wheeled scooters or other similar mobility devices will be required to ride in the wheelchair securement locations and to utilize the available securement devices if those devices are capable of securing the passenger's mobility device.
    • Keep the seats next to you clear of belongings so other passengers can sit.
    • If utilizing a manual or battery-operated wheelchair, the driver will not be expected to assist you in the movement of your wheelchair by pushing you up or down the bus ramp.
    • Strollers, baby carriages, and portable shopping carts must be folded and stowed underneath the seat. It is mandatory that the aisles be kept clear for safety reasons.
    • The amount of groceries or bags carried on the bus will be limited to what the passengers can carry in one trip. The operator will not assist with groceries.
    • Please notify the operator of any belongings left behind by another passenger. Any unattended, suspicious looking boxes or packages should be reported immediately.
    • Weapons including knives, swords, and hazardous materials such as batteries and gasoline cans are prohibited.
    • Children under five years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
    • Animals must be inside a crate unless they are a service animal.
    • Shoes and shirts are required.