• The City Secretary is historically the oldest public servant role in local government. The position existed before Biblical times as "Keeper of the Archives". Before the communication tool of writing, the Town Clerk was known as the "Remembrancer" because their memory served as the official public record. In present days, we remain the "Keeper of the Archives" as our office documents, maintains, and preserves the history of Abilene's City Government.

  • The office of the City Secretary maintains its responsibilities to the citizens of Abilene directly and indirectly through service to the Mayor and City Council. In the area of Records Management, as outlined by State law and by City Charter, our primary duties are recording Council actions and preserving, maintaining, and providing access to public information.

    Our Services

    • Providing information maintained in our office as authorized by the City Charter and State Law (Public Information Act)
    • Assisting with meeting agenda notices in compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act
    • Assuring proper filing of elected and appointed official Statements of Officer and Oaths as required by Secretary of State's Statutory Documents Section
    • Educate our younger citizens (and potential Council members) by providing City Hall tours and briefings for various classes & organizations
    • Administrating and coordinating all City elections as contracted with the Taylor County Elections Administrator


    Our Network

      Central Appraisal District; Abilene ISD; Wylie ISD; West Central Texas Municipal Water District; AEP; TXU; West Central Texas Council of Governments; Texas Municipal League; Secretary of State (Notary Public Section, Statutory Documents, Elections Division); News Media (KTXS, KTAB, KRBC, Abilene Reporter-News); Better Business Bureau; Chamber of Commerce; and the Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • With 37 Boards and Commissions, citizens have ample opportunity for public service as a board member as appointed by the Mayor with Council approval after careful review of board information. Although a few boards have special requirements, the only prerequisites to serving on most boards are an adequate amount of time and a sincere desire to become involved in the Abilene community.

  • Historically considered an information source, the City Secretary's office strives to provide information requested, or refers the request to the appropriate source. The City Secretary's office maintains City Council Agendas, Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions, Code, and Charter.

    • City Council meetings are held in the City Council Chambers, 2nd floor, Abilene City Hall, 555 Walnut the second and fourth Thursdays at 8:30 a.m., except in November and December, when they are held on the first and third Thursdays at 8:30 a.m..


    Appear before the City Council - send your request to the City Secretary at P.O. Box 60, Abilene, Texas 79604


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Applications & Permits

  • Applicants applying for an alcoholic Beverage License/Permit in the City of Abilene are required to have the following checklist completed prior to certification of the application by the City Secretary.

    Note: The Planning & Zoning Department requires a 24-hour waiting period for the processing of the paperwork.  Fax the completed form 24 hours in advance to (325) 676-6242 to expedite the process. Contact (325) 676-6237 or (325) 676-6475 for all inquiries.


    Applicants are to complete all identifying information (i.e. Trade Name, Address, etc.) prior to obtaining the required City signatures.

    The following City offices must sign the Checklist:

    • Police Department Records Clerk (450 Pecan)
    • Fire Department (250 Grape)
    • Health Department - Environmental Health (555 Walnut, 1st Floor)
    • Planning & Zoning Department (555 Walnut, 1st Floor) **24-Hour Waiting Period**
    • Building Inspection Office (555 Walnut, 1st Floor)
    • City Secretary's Office (555 Walnut, 2nd Floor)

    The applicant may acquire the above signatures in the order convenient for them with the exception of the City Secretary's certification, whose signature will always be the final one obtained. An appointment with the City Secretary for certification of the application and to receive information on City fees can be made when the checklist is issued or by calling (325) 676-6208.

    Application for Alcoholic Beverage


Danette Dunlap


Danette Dunlap, TRAMC, CPM

City Secretary

(325) 676-6202