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Updated 2-27-15


How Stuff Works
Ever wondered how refrigerators, VCRs, or diesel engines work? Find answers and much more at this site.

National Inventors Hall of Fame (Inventure Place)
Search for brief biographies of famous inventors by their names, their inventions, or their dates of induction into the Hall of Fame.


FEMA: Taking Shelter From the Storm: Building a Safe Room Inside Your House
Part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's site, it includes instructions on how to plan and build a safe room to protect from storms. Produced in conjunction with Texas Tech's Wind Engineering Research Center. Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin is required to view the information, although they do provide a toll-free phone number to order the booklet.

The Natural Handyman
Thousands of home repair tips and guidance from home repair authors, contractors and professional handymen.
Includes a detailed history of plumbing, links to print articles on plumbing, a link to the Plumbing & Mechanical Magazine, a Plumbing Care & Repair Handbook (your first stop when the tap leaks), among many other links.

Water Well Drilling Tutorial

Covers all aspects of safe drinking water well construction: from tips on how to make a hand pump to sealing the borehole. Lifewater Canada, a nonprofit organization, maintains this site as part of their efforts to "ensure that people everywhere have access to adequate supplies of safe water."


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