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Updated 4/18/15


Daughters of the Republic of Texas

Fort Phantom Hill Lake
Learn about the rich history of Lake Fort Phantom Hill. Includes calendar of events.

Journal of Texas Music History
The first academic journal to focus on all aspects of southwestern music history.

New Handbook of Texas
One of the best, most authoritative sources for information on Texas history.

Portal to Texas History
Explore unique collections from Texas libraries, museums, archives, historical societies, genealogical societies, and private family collections.

Taylor Co. Historical Commission

Texas History and Culture
Courtesy of El Centro College, this site offers great links to sites concerned with Texas history.

12th Armored Division
Directed by Dr. Vernon L. Williams, this site chronicles the history of the 12th Armored Division, a locally-based unit (WWII).


African American Registry
"...a calendar-based series of Black American accomplishments from before the Mayflower to the present. ... Also contains a poetry and lyrics link which holds collected works of both genres of Black culture.

The American Presidency
The Miller Center is a nonpartisan institute that seeks to expand understanding of the presidency, policy, and political history, providing critical insights for the nation’s governance challenges.

American Rhetoric
"Over 5,000 speeches and sermons, plus a declaration or two, are indexed on this site, which contains some of the most stirring words in history."

Battlefield Vietnam
Including a brief history, timeline, information on guerrilla tactics and air war, this PBS site offers some good information.

Founding Fathers Page
Hosted by The National Archives and Records Administration, this site offers brief biographical information on the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention. Includes a link to the text of the Constitution.

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States
Both Union and Confederate music and poetry are represented.

POTUS: Presidents of the United States
"You will find background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included to enrich this site."


Perseus Digital Library
A digital library about Ancient Greece.

REESweb: Russian and East European Studies Internet Resources
"The REESWeb is a comprehensive index of electronic resources on the Balkans, the Baltic states, the Caucusus, Central Asia, Central Europe, the CIS, Eastern Europe, the NIS, the Russian Federation, and the former Soviet Union. ... The REESWeb is sponsored by the Center for Russian and East European Studies of the University of Pittsburgh, a National Resource Center for Russian and East European Studies."


Gifts of Speech
Speeches made by influential contemporary women.

The History Place
"Your guide to interesting people, important events and birthdays." - This day in History
Find out what happened on this day in History.

World War I Trenches on the Web: An Internet History of the Great War
Statistics, biographies, song lyrics, timelines, and much more.


CIA World Factbook
The CIA World Factbook contains plenty of detailed information on the geography, demographics, government and economies of countries, territories, and regions of interest to the US.

LC Country Studies
Great country information, including history, economics, culture, etc.

Compare statistics from several nations.


Anne Frank Online

Costume Gallery
Costumes from the past. What they were wearing 100 years ago.

World Flag Database
Brief country information with good images of flags. Self Description: "There are over 260 pages on countries and international organizations. Each page contains basic information on the country, including its formal name, capital city, area, population, currency, languages, and religions. The flags include the national and state flags, ensigns, and sub-national flags. Where countries have changed their flags in the last few years the old flag is also shown."



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