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Language & Writing Links

Chinese Language
See your name in Chinese characters.

Grammar Rock
Sing along to Conjunction Junction and other old favorites from Schoolhouse Rock.

Translate your name into Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Kids on the Net
Writings from kids around the world. Read what they have to say and submit your own work.

Listen and Learn
Learn to pronounce words in seven languages and many varieties of English. Local speakers pronounce words in Spanish, French, German and more.

Poetry Composer
Magnetic Poetry.

Poetry Writing
Learn how to write poetry with some of America's favorite children's poets.

Research Papers
Step-by-step guide to researching and writing papers.

Sign Language
Fun site featuring sign language dealing with flight.

Tongue Twisters 1
Twist your tongue around these jewels. Includes links to twisters in other languages.

Tongue Twisters 2
Get your tang all tonguled up.

Word Central
From Merriam Webster (the dictionary people.) Look up words, build your own dictionary and stump your friends with daily buzzwords.

Write Idea
Boost your writing skills with these good hints. Learn to write reports, ariticles, research papers, and more.

Writing Fix
Need inspiration for a story? Check out this site.




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