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Television & Movie Links

Home page of the American Broadcasting Company

Between the Lions
Fun stories, weekly adventures, games, and activities from the PBS series.

Cartoon Network
Home page of the Cartoon Network.

Home page of the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Discovery Channel
Home page of the Discovery Channel.

Disney Online
Fun from Walt Disney and Company. (7-06)

Dragonball Z
Popular Japanese anime online.

Fox TV
Home page of the Fox Network.

Harry Potter
All the latest information on the Harry Potter Movie.

Lord of the Rings
Official movie site from New Lines Production.

Mr. Rogers
Visit Mr. Rogers' neighborhood.

Muppets Online
Read a joke, visit with Miss Piggy, or send an e-card.

Home page of the National Broadcasting Company.

Shows and fun from the people at Nickelodeon.

Home page for the Public Broadcasting System.

PBS Kids
From the Public Broadcasting System. Arthur, Mr. Rogers, Telatubbies, and more!

Pokemon World
The official home page of Pokemon.

Seeing Stars
The ultimate guide to celebrities in Hollywood.

Sesame Street Workshop
Have fun and learn with Sesame Street.

Official movie website

Thomas the Tank Engine
Visit with Thomas, Terence, and Edward.

Join Martin, Chris, and their lemur, Zoboo as they explore the animal world.



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