Book Lists for Kids!

2014-2015 Mockingbird List

The Mockingbird Program is a Children's Choice Award program for Abilene kids in grades K-2. For more information on the Mockingbird Award, to HERE.

Call Number


E LEE H. Chuku Lee Beauty and the Beast
E EARNHARDT Donna W. Earnhardt Being Frank
E DAVIES Stephen Davies Don't Spill the Milk!
J 598.1 STE Melissa Stewart Feathers: Not Just for Flying
J 597.9 JAC Tom Jackson Green Sea Turtle
E KOEHLER Fred Koehler How to Cheer Up Dad
J 92 EARHART Brad Meltzer I Am Amelia Earhart
E BOUDREAU Helene Boudreau I Dare You Not to Yawn
E WALTON Rick Walton I Need My Own Country
E BLACK Michael Ian Black I'm Bored
E ELYA Susan Middleton Elya Little Roja Riding Hood
E SCILLIAN Devin Scillian

Memoirs of a Hamster

E YOUNG Jessica Young My Blue Is Happy
E ZUPPARDI Sam Zuppardi Nowhere Box
E WHAMOND Dave Whamond Oddrey
J 811 FLO Douglas Florian Shiver Me Timbers!: Pirate Poems & Paintings
E DITERLIZZI Angela Deterlizzi Some Bugs
J 636.7 MAR Joyce Markovics Therapy Dogs
J 92 PUENTE (SPANISH) Monica Brown Tito Puente, Mambo King
E PARK Linda Sue Park Xander's Panda Party


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