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Just for Fun Links

Activity TV
Lots of fun activities with video instructions and printables.

Between the Lions
Stories, games, weekly adventures, and more from the PBS show.

Hundreds of cool games to play.

Boxcar Blockade
Can you free the boxcar? Fun puzzle for all ages.

Bubbles Town
Lots of soapy fun. Bubble formulas, skill builders, games, and more.

Build a Cow!
Funny site. Change the numbers to make a three-headed cow.

Club Penguin
Play games, adopt a virtual pet, chat with friends, and customize your own penguin.

Crayola Central
Color a picture, read a story, and learn about Crayola crayons.

Discovery Channel for Kids
Games, recipes, puzzles, and activities.

Use different eyes and noses to create a cool disguise.

Picture puzzles to tease your brain.

Design with an on-line etch-a-sketch and see unbelievable artwork.

Fruit Faces
Build an apple face... or an artichoke face. Several to choose from.

Fun games to make you think.

Games, crafts, science experiments, recipes and more.

Fun and games for all ages.

Fun and games with Garfield, Odie, and their friends.

Hamster Fun
From the book "10 Minutes to Bedtime" by Peggy Rathman. Take a hamster tour, play hamster keepaway, and more funny stuff.

Online jigsaw puzzles. (some easy, some hard)

Fun and games from the makers of Jumpstart software.

Games and puzzles.

Kaleidoscope Painter
Drag your mouse to make great kaleidoscope images.

Lego Building
Build on-line.

Fun and games for children of all ages.

National Geographic Kids
Games, videos, cartoons, recipes, and more.

Nick Jr.
Games and activities for kids, parents, preschoolers, and everyone in your family who loves Nick Jr. TV

Optical Illusions
Tease your eyes with these optical tricks.

PBS Kids
Connect with all your favorites including Sid The Science Kid, Elmo, The Cat in the Hat, and more.

Join Snoopy, Charlie Brown and all their friends.

Lots of fun games including a typing game with man-eating sharks, a candy train, and an egg-tossing dinosaur.

Create a "Poptropican" character to travel the many Islands of Poptropica. Play games, read stories, and learn a little, too!

Solve Rubik's Cube! Several mind-bending puzzles.

Scrambled puzzles for you to solve.

Smokey Bear
Play games while learning about fire safety.

Assemble dots, boxes ,and lines into creatures that obey the laws of physics.

String Figures
Learn to make lots of string figures.

Veggie Tales
Play a game, read a story, or send a card featuring your favorite veggie friend.

Lots of fun things to do including games, on-line spin art, sand art, and more.




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