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Evelyn's Beadie Page
Pony bead patterns for lots of characters including Pokemon and Beanie Babies!

Jason's Beadie Page
Lots of patterns including some popular characters (Pokemon, Winnie the Pooh, etc.).

Margo's Beadie Critter Collection
Over 1400 free bead patterns.

Pony Bead Patterns
Hundreds of patterns for animals, holiday and more.


Color Arthur
Coloring pages with Arthur, DW, and all their friends.

Color the Environment
On-line coloring pages with environmental themes.

Coloring Page
No need to print this one out. Select a picture and color it online!

Paint by Number
A challenging paint-by-number page for all ages. Choose from lots of photographs.


Chinese Calligraphy
Art and language combine into beautiful writing.

Drawing with Gary Harbo
Learn to draw in 10 easy steps.

Drawing with Uncle Fred
Step-by-step instructions for drawing several cartoon characters.


Canon 3-d Papercraft
Download dozens of patterns for animals, buildings, dinosaurs, and more. Cut and paste to make great 3-d sculptures.

Crafters' Community for Kids
Edible crafts, coloring pages, and lots more.

Crafts 4 Kids
Lots of fun things to make and do.

Family Crafts
From About.com. Lots of crafts for you to try.

Favorite Friends Crafts
Printable templates for your favorite characters. Includes Pokemon, Blue's Clues, Barney, Teletubbies, and more. (Remember to ask your parents if you can print!)

Paper Dolls
Patterns for paper dolls along with links to other sites featuring Paper Dolls.

Yamaha Papercrafts
Build realistic paper animals and motorcycles with these printable patterns.


Children's Museum of Indianapolis
Explore an art museum. Create a puppet show, design a space station, and learn about art!

Global Art Gallery
Drawings by children around the world.


Joseph Wu's Origami Page
Wonderful site with lots of patterns and information.

Learn the art of paper folding. Lots of links to instructions.


Pinhole Camera
Build a pinhole camera using an oatmeal box. It really works!


Puppets Galore
Instructions for lots of simple puppets.


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