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Animal Links

From Sea World. Information on all kinds of animals.

Animal Pictures
From the Smithsonian National Zoo - photographs of animals from around the world.

Pet care tips, career information, and lots of information about animals.

Information and activities on these delicate insects.

Coloring Pages
Print and color lots of different animals. (Remember to ask your parents if you can print!)

Information and activities about those extinct reptiles.

Electronic Zoo
Links to hundreds of zoo and animal sites.

Includes a virtual zoo, photo gallery, web cams, animal news and much more.

Photos and information about 146 horse breeds.

National Zoo
The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. There are several live camera shots where you can watch pandas, ferrets, elephants, and more.

Oakland Zoo
From Oakland, California. Lots of information on animals along with photographs.

Penguin Page
Lots of cool information about penguins.


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