Book Lists for Kids

2 x 2 Reading List for 2013-2014

The 2 x 2 program promotes good reading for children from age 2 through grade 2.

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Alborough, Jez Nat The Cat's Sunny Smile
E BARNETT Barnett, Mac Count The Monkeys
E BLECHMAN Blechman, Nicholas Night Light.
E BOUDREAU Boudreau, Helene I Dare You Not To Yawn
E EATON Eaton, Jason Carter How To Train A Train
E HEDER Heder, Thyra Fraidyzoo
E KIMMEL Kimmel, Eric A. Little Red Hot
E LEATHERS Leathers, Philippa Black Rabbit
E LEE Lee, Mark 20 Big Trucks In The Middle Of The Street
E MATHESON Matheson, Christie Tap The Magic Tree
E MORTENSEN Mortensen, Denise Bug Patrol
E MURRAY Murray, Allison Little Mouse
E PIZZOLI Pizzoli, Greg Watermelon Seed
E ROCCO Rocco, John Super Hair-O And The Barber Of Doom
E SAUER Sauer, Tammi Nugget & Fang: Friends Forever - Or Snack Time?
E SHANNON Shannon, George Turkey Tot
E SLONIM Slonim, David Patch
E THONG Thong, Roseanne Round Is A Tortilla: A Book Of Shapes
E VESTERGAARD Vestergaard, Hope Digger Dozer Dumper
E YOUNG Young, Jessica My Blue Is Happy


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