Finance Department


The Finance Department is an organization dedicated to providing quality financial, and judicial services to other City Departments, the City Council, and the citizens of Abilene. These services are intended to be provided in a timely, accurate, and cost efficient manner by utilizing quality employees, technological advances, and generally accepted principles while fulfilling legal responsibilities.


The Finance Department continues to respond to organizational and community needs through development of new programs and modification of existing programs. Issues that continue to face the organization are heavy reliance on sales tax, lack of significant revenue growth, and increased expenditure needs to maintain service levels.

Finance Department issues continue to focus on support staff needs to maintain and improve service delivery to the City organization. Timely and quality financial information will continue to be the high priority. We will continue to look to future changes in computer technology and software releases to improve the efficiency of the way we serve all of our customers.


Finance Administration is responsible for the supervision, administration and overall planning of the City's financial activities.

To better serve our customers, the Accounting Division is continually reviewing procedures to improve the efficiency of operations. Computer technology is allowing us to automate many manual procedures.

Purchasing is continuing to make significant accomplishments in performing our supportive role to City employees and citizens of Abilene. Our competitive bid process has improved significantly since we implemented specification development conferences. Its main objective is to reach the potential bidders for their expertise in market trends, ideas, and concerns before competitive bids are solicited. A continued focus on computer technology, software changes, and purchasing legislative updates improve the efficiency of how we serve our customers.

The Facilities Maintenance division is responsible for maintenance and repair of the buildings and facilities situated on 264 different locations belonging to the City of Abilene. Heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair, electrical, plumbing and carpentry services are major functions of this division.


The Custodial Services division provides a clean and safe environment for City employees and the public in thirty-two buildings.  They also provide courier services to twenty-three buildings, as well as provide an array of services in the mailroom.


In Municipal Court, a major thrust is to improve the overall service delivery. This includes reorganization and remodeling for more efficient use of space and better coordinating of functions, installing new security measures, and continuously evaluating and improving the Teen Court Program.


The Marshal division is responsible for court security and municipal court warrant enforcement.  They also provide Lake Patrol and code enforcement services.

The Fleet Maintenance division is responsible for maintenance, repair, and fueling of more than 1100 vehicles and pieces of equipment belonging to the City of Abilene. The preparation of vehicle specification packets for the purchase of new vehicles, and the scheduling of preventive maintenance checks for all vehicles are also major components of this division.

Fleet Management is dedicated to quality management and replacement of the City fleet and motorized equipment. Equipment Management is the prime initiator and coordinator for fleet procurement, specification preparation, control, accountability, policies, and innovation.