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Civic Center

From the spacious lobby to the fully computerized lighting system, the Auditorium will impress you. It's hosted a wide range of meetings and performances, from major conventions to world-famous singers and hit Broadway musicals. The exceptional acoustics have drawn praise from the most veteran entertainers and the vast amount of fly and wing space allow elaborate set changes. The 70' by 72' foot stage (which includes a hydraulically operated orchestra pit) faces 2,121 seats. On the main level, 1,454 continental style seats are all within 116 feet of the stage. The 667-seat balcony is served by its own restroom and concession facilities, and enclosed patios on either side of the auditorium are perfect for breaks or intermission.

In addition to complete projection facilities and a truly outstanding sound system, the Auditorium has both chorus and private dressing rooms as well as a large and very comfortable green room. There is plenty of free parking space nearby, and all facilities within the Civic Center are accessible to the handicapped.

Auditorium Amenities
Seating 2,121 continental style (no center aisle), two-level balcony, all plush seating
The stage is 70'x72' including hydraulic orchestra pit lowering to 18'. Stage floor is walnut stained pine with center trap. Wing space of 36'x46'x14' on both stage right and left has concrete floor. Proscenium is 28'x60'. (Grand teaser reduces proscenium to 15'x60' if required.) Loading is at stage level access through a single 14'x12' overhead door located stage right.
Sound System
24 input channel system with assignable compressor/limitor, 1/3 octave equalization, digital reverb and delay. 2400 watts of power to single point concealed speaker cluster. Monitor system consists of two separate monitor sends with full equalization on each send. A total of five wedge-style monitors are available. The monitor is a totally independent system.
House lighting inventory includes a Colortran Scenemaster 60 XL console. 108 dimmers per circuit (20 amp). Forty 12" ellipsoidals, twenty 6"x9" ellipsoidals, twelve 6"x16" ellipsoidals, twelve 6"x12" ellipsoidals, thirty-four 6" fresnels, four 8" fresnels, twenty-four 12" scoops, two battons of five circuit striplights, two Xenon super trooper follow spots. Lighting positions include one antiproscenium, three electrical battons, balcony rail, portable trees and ladders.
Fly System
30-line counterweight system is available. Fly floor is 14' above stage with easy access to the loading trail. Over 100,000 pounds of counterweight is available. Grid is 56' from deck.
Stage Curtains
Grand Drape and Tormentors are rich burgundy, concert drape is pewter. All other legs are black with two additional black travelers and 70x28 Polycyc.
20'x40' main screen, 12'x15' rear projection screen.
Auxiliary Space
Lobby and mezzanine area with restrooms and concessions on both levels, three private and two chorus dressing rooms with showers and make-up lights, large attractive Green Room adjacent to stage for receptions, press conferences, etc.