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Qualifications for Mayor And Council Members


  • At least 21 years of age
  • A citizen and qualified voter of the State of Texas and the City
  • Shall have resided within the City for at least 12 months preceding election day
  • Three members of Council shall be residents of the City north of the Texas & Pacific Railroad Company main line, and three shall be residents of the City south of the Texas & Pacific Railroad Company main line
  • The Mayor may be a resident of any part of the City
  • Neither the Mayor nor any member of the Council shall hold any other office or employment under City Government while a member of the Council, nor hold any other paid employment under City Government within two (2) years thereafter, unless such employment be an elective office
  • Residence requirements shall be effective only as of the date of the election of each member of the Council, but a member of the Council or the Mayor ceasing to reside in the City shall immediately forfeit office

The Mayor and Members of the City Council shall be elected at-large. Such term for Council members shall be on a three year staggered basis and the Mayor shall also serve for a term of three years. The Mayor and each Councilmember shall receive compensation at a rate of one ($1.00) dollar per year of service. (Section 6 & 8, Charter)

The regular election to places on the Council shall be held on the second Saturday in May of each year.

A runoff election required to be held as a result of an election held on the second Saturday in May of each year shall be held not earlier than the 20th day or later than the 45th day after the date of the final canvass of the first election. (Section 2.025, Texas Election Code)