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Abilene City Council
Place 2

Bruce Kreitler
Place 2

Term Expires: May 2018


517 Lexington Ave.
Abilene, TX 7960

Phone: (325) 695-7080

              GOALS FOR ABILENE

  • Work to educate citizens about municipal debt and its costs to a community
  • Work to involve more citizens in the various stages of our city government
  • To learn as much as I can about the isses facing the City of Abilene and do my very best to deal with them in the fairest, most effective, manner practical
  • Build on the work our predecessors have done in creating the great community that is Abilene TX and leave it in better shape than we found it for those who come after us
  • Communicate with, and show respect for, the people who make up our community
  • To the best of my ability, see that all citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity or location in our community are dealt with fairly, evenly, and honestly
  • Continue to work towards securing future water supplies, while not forgetting that there are other large issues that need to be properly dealt with at the same time



  • Owner of Broken Willow Tree Service
  • Past work includes over twenty years in the oilfield, both domestically and internationally


  • An Army brat who went to lots of different schools before finishing at Clyde High School
  • Very well traveled
  • Widley read, with an excellent grasp of history and culture


  • Published author
  • Frequent columnist who is published several times a week
  • Frequent public speaker
  • Member of the Big Country Chapter of Master Naturalists

  • Board Certified Master Arborist
  • Certified Master Naturalist
  • Certified Utility Specialist (arboricultural)
  • Certified Municpal Specialist (arboricultural)
  • Certified by the Texas Forest Service (to deal with oak wilt)

Spouse: Caroline Kreitler
Children: Dale and Connie

Longtime member at Southwest Park Baptist Church

Last Updated: May 2015