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Abilene Animal Services
Programs and Services

Description of Program and Services:

Animal Adoptions

The City of Abilene’s Animal Services Program strives to find suitable homes for as many unwanted animals as possible through its adoption program. Many of the animals at the Shelter and Adoption Center are available for adoption, and can be seen by selecting Available Dogs, Available Cats, Available Puppies, or Other Available Animals on the left side of this page.

The cost for each puppy or dog adopted is $80. If the animal chosen has already been spayed or neutered, the cost will be $35. All cats are $70, except those that have been spayed or neutered are $35. Each fee covers the cost for adoption, City license, rabies vaccination and spay/neuter procedure when necessary.

Health and Safety Code of Texas requires that all animals adopted from the Shelter and Adoption Center must be altered, and all animals over 3 months of age must have a rabies vaccination. Animal Services is unable to offer spay/neuter or vaccination services to the public. Adopted pets must be taken to a licensed Veterinarian for these services. Vouchers are issued to the new owner for adopted animals, and these vouchers must be redeemed through a Veterinarian within the time limits stated on the adoption forms.

Property inspections and interviews are required for all prospective adoptions of Pit Bulls, Rottweillers, and Chow Chows to be housed in the Abilene city limits.

The Shelter and Adoption Center works with other local organizations to place animals in suitable homes. These include the Taylor-Jones Humane Society, Rescue the Animals, KTXS Television and many breed specific rescues across the state. Links to these organizations, where applicable are found on the left side of this page.


Dogs: Upon receiving a call for stray dogs at a residence, business, or simply in the area, an officer will be dispatched. Officers take calls in manner of priority, meaning sick, injured, and aggressive animal calls will be made first. Upon arriving at the location every attempt to locate and catch the dogs will be made. Also see Understanding the Law for further Information.

Cats: All cats must be confined in some manner before they will be picked up, with the exception of sick or injured cats. The shelter has live and humane traps available to the public to assist in the capture of stray cats. By simply phoning the shelter you can request the use one of these traps.

Citizen Complaints/Barking Dogs

Ordinance states it shall be unlawful for any person to own, keep or be in control of any animal which causes unreasonably loud or unnecessary noise that causes material distress, or discomfort to persons, or persons of ordinary sensibilities in the immediate vicinity. An animal control officer will notify animal owners that a complaint has been made about their dogs, in the event a proper address can be provided. A citation can be issued to the owner upon receipt of a formal complaint. The complaint must be filed in writing to Animal Services, providing specific dates and times as to when the violation occurred. Secondly, there must have been previous complaints filed either by phone or in writing for a noise violation within the last two weeks.


Animal Control will make every attempt to control the wildlife population within the city limits, using methods available to us such as live traps. These traps are available to the public if they have a problem with wild animals. Sick and/or injured animals are a high priority and will be handled as quickly as possible. See also Understanding The Law for more information regarding animals prohibited within the city limits. Livestock is permitted in various areas of the city keeping in accordance with zoning ordinances. Any complaints, questions, or concerns regarding roaming livestock within the city limits should be directed to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department.

Dead Animal Removal

All dead animals inside the city will be removed by this division. At the expense of the owner charges of $50.00 will be assessed for the removal of deceased livestock, payable before pickup.

Pet Euthanasia

This division offers owner-requested animal euthanasia at the charge of $5.00 per animal. This process is done by lethal injection. Animal Control has several programs to dispose of the remains, for more i nformation see Pet Cremation Services.

Pet Cremation Services

Private and communal pet cremations are offered by Animal Control, the cost of these services is most greatly determined by the weight of the animal needing to be cremated. These services allow the pet owner to get ashes back for keeping. If the ashes are not wanted, cremation services are not necessary, although animal control can dispose of the carcass.

Private Cremation: Services are completed only on the weekends.

Costs are as follows:
50lbs. & under $75.00
Over 50lbs. $120.00

Communal Cremation: Services are completed each weekday.

Costs are as follows:
50lbs. & under $50.00
Over 50lbs. $90.00

Other services to compliment the cremation services are available at additional charges, if so desired. U rns are available at an additional cost in a variety of sizes, styles, shapes, and colors. Animal pickup, the delivery of ashes, and the mailing of ashes are only some of the other services available.

Animal Cruelty

All reports of cruelty and neglect will be investigated immediately. An animal control officer will survey the area and condition of the animal and all attempts to contact the owner will be exhausted. If contact cannot be made with the owner any immediate care needed will administered. The Animal Control Superintendent will make the ultimate decision to file through the court system. Animal cruelty can be charged if necessary. All questions of abandonment will be investigated and handled with every power available to the division.

Missing Pets and Reclamation of Owned Pets

In the event an animal is impounded with identification tags or a microchip all efforts will be made to contact the owner. Occasionally animals do lose their tags, therefore if you are missing a pet please visit the shelter.

Owners can reclaim their pets from the shelter provided they are at least 18 years of age and have photo identification. The fees are based on number of offenses, days board, and whether rabies vaccinations are current.